Chantilly Tea - Present

Welcome to Chantilly Tea’s online site. Our mission is to offer great value on fine loose-leaf tea and quality tea products. We have initially selected some of our bestselling teas and tea accessories from our years as a tea room.

We also opened an office/storefront location for retail sales...and we invite you to visit to purchase tea and products, get tea questions answered and sample teas/scones. Currently, we are open Tuesday and Thursday 12-5:30pm. Though we do not serve an afternoon tea, guests can experience a vintage atmosphere and a memorable touch of Chantilly Tea Room while sitting by the antique mantel enjoying a cup of tea.

Sharing my love of tea as a beverage-- it’s health benefits and versatility for sipping or cooking, and the moments of peace and relationship that tea affords--continues to grow as I attend tea conferences and explore new ways in which to educate people about tea. As a Certified Tea Specialist (CTA), I teach classes, both at The Carriage House in downtown Tucson and at private events, about cooking with tea, pairing tea, afternoon tea ceremony, and conducting tea tastings. Also, some of Chantilly Tea Room’s most popular special event teas from the past are offered throughout the year (click here to learn more).

We hope you enjoy shopping on our online site or at our retail location, discovering unique items, tea accessories, and related products, including scones, lemon curd, children’s tea sets, teapots and more.

Chantilly Tea Storefront Chantilly Tea Front Area
Chantilly Tea Scone Collection Chantilly Tea Table Area

Chantilly Tea Room - Past

Chantilly Tea Room began as a dream many years ago as I experienced afternoon teas around the world—from my first cup in the Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel in NYC to enjoying tea at a café in Venice near St. Mark’s Square. Excited to share my love of tea, I began a search for a tea room location in the Tucson area. Having no success in finding the right vintage home to renovate, I bought property and designed a destination tea room where guests could visit for special occasions or simply to have a moment of tranquility while enjoying a spot of tea.

Opening in 2002, Chantilly provided an “oasis”—a peaceful place of respite filled with love, laughter, meaningful conversation, close relationships and warm memories. Throughout the years, I delighted in sharing moments with guests during our special event teas for the holidays, tea tastings, Mrs. Claus Storytimes, Downtown Abby teatime, Harry Potter, Princess Teas, Candlelight Teas, and many other events and classes. Staff, as well as guests, became family and friends—some of whom we visited with every week as they popped in for tea and conversation.

After thirteen successful years, needing to take my own moment of respite, I made the very thoughtful decision to close the business, to take a breath, travel, create and re-imagine. My love of tea as a beverage and the beauty and connectiveness of the ritual of afternoon tea and tea as a lifestyle has only grown stronger over the years, so my adventure of sharing that love continues….

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