Happy St. Patrick's Day from Chantilly Tea!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Chantilly Tea!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by enjoying a cup of our Irish teas...

Irish Whiskey Cream

St Patrick's Black Tea Blend - Irish Whiskey Cream
An Assam black tea with cocoa bits.  One of our best sellers!

Irish Breakfast (Organic)

St Patrick's Organic Black Tea Blend - Irish Breakfast
Stout, robust blend of Kenya & Assam black teas. 
Full-bodied with superb color.

Some FUN FACTS! Did you know that...

*The shamrock was a sacred plant to the Celts in ancient Ireland because it was seen as a symbol of renewal in Spring.  Since then, it has become a symbol of Irish nationalism and heritage.
*The original leprechauns in Celtic folklore were mean little men whose job was to fix the shoes of fairies.  The friendly, jovial leprechaun we celebrate is purely an American invention.